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  • 41 Koromiko Street, Te Aroha 3320, New Zealand

 Religious Education

"Catholic schools offer young people the means to acquire the knowledge they need in order to find a place in society. At the same time they look to impart a solid Christian formation." - National Centre for Religious Studies

Religious Education (RE) at St Joseph's is a key learning area in all classes. The official Religious Education curriculum for Primary Catholic Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand is a dynamic, practical classroom resource for children aged 5-13 years (Year 1-8). The programme helps children to develop an understanding about how Catholics celebrate, live and pray in ways that are relevant to the new millennium.

RE Curriculum has six strands:

God Strand
- Jesus Strand
- Holy Spirit Strand
- Sacrament Strand
- Church Strand
- Communion of Saints Strand

There are also 3 modules:

- Prayer and Sacramental Celebrations - Ways we worship and celebrate
- Liturgical Year - Special days and events in the year - like Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas
- Myself and Others - a close look at ourselves and our relationships with others - aligns with the National Health Curriculum